SolarCleano Mini

Mini robot with 80cm brushes. An alternative to our standard SolarCleano F1 cleaning robot. Smaller, lighter, the M1 solar panel washing robot is meant for smaller surfaces or occasional cleaning. 

Dimensions: 1170mm L X 900mm W x 500mm H

Speed up to 30m/min

Theoretical cleaning capacity: 1440m²/h

Average cleaning capacity: 450m²/h

Brush for thin-film film solar cells

The manual brushes are modular in design and comprise a water processing unit, a pole system of light-weight aluminium (special alloy) and carbon poles and of various special brushes for different cleaning applications and surfaces. 


Fall arrest equipment


Fall arrest harness

The emblematic fall protection harness from Fallprotec is lightweight and equipped with pads for the highest level of comfort. The operator can work all day without feeling any pressure points. It is very easy to use thanks to the automatic aluminum buckles.

Temporary lifeline 20m

Secures the user while he is working. The forked ends allow to:

  • attach to a structure without needing an anchoring sling;

  • or hang directly to a suitable anchor point like the Fallprotec FA 60 011 00. Steel ratchet to tense the system after adjusting to the required length.

Delivered with 2 steel locking karabiners Fallprotec FA 50 101 17. Provided with an always connected bag to store the excess of used harness and to store the system inside the bag after using it.