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SolarCleano cleaning edges
Thanks to two brushes and a "reverse" function on the remote control, the robot can go backwards without making a U-turn. This eases the handling of the water hose and increases the quickness of edges cleaning of large installations.
On fragile solar panels
On fragile solar panels
Cleaning evidence
Very low operational costs:
No material needed if the robot is connected to a normal water supply (2,5 - 5,0 bar).
Use of water depending on dirt grade.
Remote control
4 assembly parts
Can be dismounted into 4 parts (mounting or dismounting takes 5 minutes) to then be used by a single operator.
Easy to transport from one solar slope to another.
SolarCleano climbing up
Fits most of the tilted installations
SolarCleano has brushes for dry and wet cleaning.
Easy transport
The smallest of commercial vehicles is enough to transport it.
SolarCleano on solar fields
2,2m brush
Cleaning capacity with 2,2m brush: 1.500m²/h.
Passing 50cm gap
SolarCleano can traverse gaps up to 50cm without external help.
Operated by remote control
Operated by remote control
Camera to pilot the robot from the ground.
LCD screen monitor
LCD screen monitor
Easy disassembly
Easy disassembly
1 person per robot.
Brush for standard dust
2 types of fibres placed in helix-form for the neatest cleaning.
Solarcleano with dust brush
Dust brush
Cleaning of thin-film film cell
Brush for thin-film film solar cell
Brush for thin-film film solar cell
Brush for thin-film film solar cell
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Brush for thin-film film solar cell