Frequently asked questions

Can SolarCleano solar panel cleaning machines damage my panels?

Solar panels manufacturers allow a pressure up to 5200Pa on their panels.

As the SolarCleano never presses more than 4000Pa on the panels, there is no risk.

Thanks to its rubber pads, the robot moves smoothly on the panels without vibrations.

Why cleaning solar panels?

Regular cleaning maintains your photovoltaic installation and can help it regain more performance. The sunlight reflection diminishes with dirt and reduces the absorption of solar energy on photovoltaic cells.


Can SolarCleano solar panel robot cleaner be used on all types of solar roofs?

You can use SolarCleano solar robot cleaning solar panels on all types of roof until 25° inclination (20° for Solrif panels). Beyond this inclination, we recommend securing the cleaning robot with a safety system. However, when the panel and conditions allow it, some of our customers use their robots until 30°.

How many m² can I clean in one day?

Depending on your installation, you can clean over 1 MW per day with one passage.

How long is the battery's autonomy?

The standard autonomy varies between 2h30 and 4h00 pending on the battery used.

What is the range of the remote control?

The remote control has a range of 100m.

Do I need any connection other than water on the work site?

No, SolarCleano is autonomous thanks to its batteries. You therefore do not need neither a generator nor electricity outlet.